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Turnkey Solutions

We at Profisolutions provide the complete solutions for small to Medium Turnkey projects with Electrical Technologies, Field Instrumentation and Control & Automation for Various Industries :

Green Field Projects

Green Field Projects are one, in which the customers require the followings according their specifications, floated as Tender directly or through their Nominated Consulting Engineer.

All our Projects are executed in a Professional Manner as per the guidelines are provided as per Project Management Institute Inc (PMI). The project Execution Methodologies are explained in our Engineering services section.

Electrical Technologies :

MCC/PCC Panels
IMCC (Intelligent Motor Control Centre) Panels
Automatic Power Factor Control Panel
Automated Mains Failure Panel
DG synchronization Panel
Power cables with Ladder
DG/Power Transformers
Power Management systems
Power Monitoring & Control System
DG Automation
Substation Automation
Engineering& Design support
Service support for installation & commissioning at site

We at Profisolutions have an agreement with our Associate with whom we execute Electrical Technologies section of the Project. They are well established and highly proven in the Industry field.

Instrumentations :

Transmitters for Pressure, Differential Pressure, flow, level
Transmitter for Temperature with RTD, Thermowell
Gauges for Pressure, Differential Pressure, Temperature, Level
Field sensors
Solenoid, Motor Operated Valves
Positioner, I/P converters for Valves
Control and Instrumentation cables
Engineering& Design for Cable Schedules, Loop Diagrams, Hook-up Diagrams
Installation & commissioning support at site
Instruments Calibration support at site
Project Documentation

Control & Automation :

SCADA with server client architecture
PLC simplex, Hot standby
Process Shutdown (PSD)/ Emergency shutdown (ESD) system with Failsafe Hot standby PLC with SIL2/SIL3
Panel mounted HMI systems
Industrial grade IPCs
Communication protocols: MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus DP, Profibus PA, Profinet, ASi, CAN Bus, BACnet, Foundation Field Bus, OPC connectivity, IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, IEC 61850 etc.
Variable Frequency Drives AC/DC
Servo Drive system for Motion Control applications
Vibration Monitoring systems for heavy rotary equipment like Pump, Motor and Compressor etc.
Burner Management systems
Thyristor controllers 1ph/3ph for Heaters
Innovative Mechatronics Projects for R&D, assembly Lines, Quality acceptance and special applications
Control Cabinets MS/SS
Engineering & Design
Software Development, testing, FAT support
Site Acceptance Test Support at Site
Site commissioning support
Project Documentation
Training at our Premises or at site to customer